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When it comes to Lynyrd Skynyrd fans, it could be said, that there are in fact, two very different kinds…

The first kind would be the millions who were fortunate enough to catch a live show from the original Skynyrd back in the 70’s.  For these fans, the original line-up, raw sound, and sheer power of the original band will remain forever in their minds as a distant memory, with nothing but old photographs, videos, and records to remind them of how it once was.

The second kind is the fans who just were not fortunate enough to catch a show from the original lineup back in the day, but wish to no end that they would’ve, or could’ve before it was too late.  Either they weren’t yet born, old enough, or it was one of those things that they always wanted to do, but obviously never realized that there was a clock ticking that would stop on the fateful day of October 20th, 1977.

In either case,  “Tuesday’s Gone” has got you covered.  Authentically, they nail it every time!  From that signature Skynyrd sound, to the sheer raw power that the original band possessed, to the unmistakeable look they had.  Tuesday’s Gone has pulled out all of the stops, and every base covered.  Dedicated to reproducing the original sound of one of the greatest and most legendary bands of all time, their attention to detail should be commended, and is most certainly appreciated by thousands of die-hard Skynyrd fans all over the country!!

Unlike a lot of other tribute bands, who sometimes give other tribute bands a “bad wrap”, Tuesday’s Gone doesn’t strive to get CLOSE to the way it was once played, but in fact plays it down to the very last note just how it was written, and performed on stage in a rock ‘n’ roll era that will be forever missed, but never forgotten.

Whether you were indeed fortunate enough to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in their prime, and would love to revisit some of those memories, or you never had the chance to create those memories, you’ll want to catch a Tuesday’s Gone show.  They are the absolute closest band that you could ever hope to see and hear to one of the most respected, loved, and missed bands of all time.

Tuesday’s Gone exists for one reason only, and that’s for the loyal and true Lynyrd Skynyrd fan.  Do yourself a favor, and see them when they come to your area.  They bring back to life some of the greatest Skynyrd hits, such as “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Gimme Three Steps”, “Simple Man”, “Tuesday’s Gone”, “Saturday Night Special”, and Freebird”, and also some deeper cuts that the die hard fans just can’t get enough of, like “On The Hunt”, “Gimme Back My Bullets”, “All I Can Do Is Write About It”, and “Down South Jukin’”.  Their promise to you:  You won’t ever forget the new memories that they are PROUD to make for you!

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