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Lucky Pocket approaches every event with a heartfelt spirit and brings magical elements of rare energy, raw talent and whimsical fun. Performing soulful, funky pop hits and rockin’ party classics to events all over the east coast, Lucky Pocket delivers flawless, high-energy performances every time they take the stage.

Hailing from Greensboro NC, this 5-member band is a true brotherhood of talent that draws guests straight to the dance floor. Lead vocalist Nathan Harris possesses a magnetic presence that builds momentum at each event from the opening notes of the first set through the epic dance party finale. Each member of Lucky Pocket is a seasoned professional with a resume of years of performing to party crowds, allowing for confident, high-energy performances, often customized to meet clients’ individual visions and satisfy special requests.

Lucky Pocket offers a dynamic song repertoire that ranges from classic to contemporary and bursts with celebratory energy. Seamlessly transitioning from tender ballads to Motown-era favorites, classic rock anthems to the most modern pop hits, Lucky Pocket delivers the party in a big way to guests of all ages and styles. Lucky Pocket partners with clients every step of the way to bring the party home. Accessible and flexible, they work to adapt to the needs of each event and perform your favorite music from their repertoire. Song lists and event schedule flow are communicated clearly and frequently so all are on the same page throughout the planning process. Once on-site, Lucky Pocket channels and enhances the energy of your party, building momentum and creating many memorable, spontaneous moments that capture perfectly the vibe of any crowd, any night. Lucky Pocket’s goal is to give their audience – your guests – joyous memories to last a lifetime. One of Lucky Pocket’s many satisfied clients summed up the experience perfectly: “There’s an intangible to this band. They have presence, calm and a reassuring attitude of ‘We got this.’” When you bet on Lucky Pocket, the party always wins.


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