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Come get a dose of some hard driving, melodic Rock n’ Roll with Pandora’s Box – The Ultimate Tribute to Aerosmith.  It would be hard to find a more qualified group of Veteran performers to bring you this mesmerizing, high energy journey through 40 plus years of the top power hits from one of rock’s most influential bands!

What really stands out about this amazing tribute to Aerosmith, is they sound so authentic and have such a powerful energy onstage.  It’s no wonder though, when you dig a little deeper into this brotherhood of musicians, all of these guys (while spending time in other bands), have known and played together for many years.

Guitarist Steve Taylor and lead vocalist Nathan Utz started performing together back in the mid-80’s in their band The Blonz. Their hard work led to a record deal with Sony and released the hit single “Last Call for Alcohol”, making it onto the Billboard charts!  They toured with iconic 80’s Rock bands such as Dokken, Poison & Mother’s finest…just to name a few.

Their musical bond provides that same intensity and showmanship Steven Tyler and Joe Perry share! Not to mention, Nathan’s uncanny resemblance to Steven Tyler’s voice, appearance and mannerisms on stage.  These guys will transport you back in time like you were stage front at an actual Aerosmith show!!

Pandora’s Box is on a mission to rise to the very pinnacle of the Tribute Band world in record time! Get ready for an unforgettable night of music…

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