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Shoot To Thrill, the All Female AC/DC Tribute out of Raleigh, NC tours all along the East Coast. The band includes Kara (vocals), Susan (guitar), Jai (bass), Wendy (guitar) and Kate (drums). Not only are the girls professional musicians with impeccable skills, they are also quite easy on the eyes and full of energy for an entertaining stage show!

The girls decided on AC/DC in particular, because the band’s songs are a marriage of compelling music and creative story-telling. The guitar work is intricate yet not overplayed, while the rhythms are driving and dynamic. The silence is as important as the noise, and the lyrics are relatable and captivating. You just HAVE to sing along….or air-guitar….or BOTH!

They bring a super high energy show to every venue they play!  They are just what the Doctor ordered when it comes to entertainment value for your next event.

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