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Tradition is defined as “The handing down of a belief, legend or custom from generation to generation”. The Swingin’ Medallions, a 46-year Southern tradition, are a living definition of the word.  How does a band endure the generations?  The group’s signature high-energy style delights audiences of all ages. Their act, as well as their music, is indeed timeless. The group was founded in 1962 by John McElrath which has been carried on by his two sons and the modern day 8 piece version of the Medallions!  Featuring an ever-popular horn section, the group effectively blends the sounds and music of yesterday and today. The band has performed throughout the nation in thousands of venues. Their diverse repertoire has made them overwhelming favorites with college audiences as well as the more mature rock and rollers.

The band was made famous by its 1966 single, “Double Shot of My Baby’s Love”. It remains the signature song of the band. The song, in fact, continues to demonstrate its timeless quality on radio, television and in motion pictures. “Double Shot” was followed with another hit, “She Drives Me Out of My Mind”, in 1967. In 1969, they released yet another hit, “Hey, Hey Baby”, the song featured at their 2004 Gator Bowl Half-Time Show performance.

Bruce Springsteen labeled “Double Shot” “The greatest fraternity rock song of all time” and opened with it at his August 2008 Charleston, S.C. concert.

Lewis Grizzard (Southern humorist and writer) labeled the Medallions as
THE PARTY BAND OF THE SOUTH”, a moniker that has become forever synonymous with the Medallion name. In 1993, Grizzard wrote in a nationally syndicated column, “Even today, when I hear “Double Shot of My Baby’s Love”, it makes me want to stand outside in the hot sun with a milkshake cup full of beer in one hand, and a slightly drenched coed in the other”.

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