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North Carolina native Trip Rogers has been entertaining audiences on the east coast of the US for most of his life. A guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer by trade and passion, Trip seamlessly moves among many musical genres with his trademark high energy, skill, and humor.

The soundtrack of his life began when Ronnie Van Zant said, “Turn it up!” Lynyrd Skynyrd’s southern rock and Eric Clapton’s guitar-driven blues laid the foundation for Trip’s signature guitar style. Rock and blues favorites, along with the story-laden songs of Scotland, Ireland, and Appalachia, are brought to life by Trip’s dynamic stage presence.

From supporting international artists to engaging school children, Trip is at home on any stage.  Over the years, he has shared the stage with artists such as Leon Russell, Molly Hatchett, Billy Joe Shaver, Hal Ketchum, and Fred Eaglesmith, and has performed in concert halls and at fairs and festivals all along the east coast.

Whether performing as a solo artist or with one of his many projects, Trip delivers the right show for the right audience.

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